CAPE CORAL, Fla. – On Thursday, another allegation came to light about a candidate running in the crowded race for Florida’s 19th Congressional District.

News outlets began reporting that Iraqi-born Kousay “Casey” Askar has lied about having a degree from Harvard Business School. According to Florida law, misrepresentation of education is a crime in Florida.

The report in the Naples Daily News, said state attorney Amira Fox has requested Governor Ron Desantis to appoint another office to investigate the matter because of her involvement with Dane Eagle. Just last month, in a separate issue, a federal elections complaint was filed alleging Askar of violating campaign finance laws.

“As part my team’s due diligence to find out who is running to represent our fellow neighbors, we reached out to Harvard in an attempt to validate Askar’s claim of graduating. Instead of getting a verification, we received a notice saying they were ‘unable to verify a degree’ for this individual,” said Dan Severson, a retired U.S. Navy commander and Top Gun fighter pilot who is also running for Congress in the race. “It’s troubling that much of the media has refused to properly look into those who are running.”

In addition to the latest allegation against Askar, according to public records searches, Askar also has a history of allegations of domestic violence between him and his ex-wife and a plethora of ongoing litigation including lawsuits filed by the Seminole Tribe of Florida against him.

“This doesn’t sound like the type of person or character we need representing Southwest Florida,” said Severson.

Askar isn’t the only candidate with a troubled record. According to public records searches, Byron Donalds has a history of drug charges, including a felony drug charge.

William “Dr. Fig” Figlesthaler was just caught lying about one of his senior campaign staffers who was recently arrested for contempt of court.

Additionally, Dane Eagle had a very public DUI arrest while serving as a state representative, and yet the Tallahassee Police Department has refused to cooperate with our investigator’s requests for public records related to Eagle.

“No wonder Congress is so screwed up. Historically speaking, it appears that all of these individuals have serious judgment issues or a hard time following the law, yet they want to represent Southwest Florida,” Severson said. “I challenge the media to do their job, investigate the candidates, look up my background and ask me anything. You will not find anything on me other than qualifications. I am a retired Navy commander, and have endeavored to live a life worthy of my Lord, my family and my country.”

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