The Severson Seven

Pro – Economic Opportunity, Pro – Veterans, Pro – Constitution, Pro – Life, Pro – 2nd Amendment, Pro – Clean Water, Pro – National Security

1. Pro – Economic Opportunity

Until the Covid19 Virus, President Trump’s policies have spurred unprecedented growth through deregulation and elimination of government mandates. He has restored consumer confidence, promoted innovation and investment and precipitated the greatest sustained growth in the history of our nation. It is so good the liberals have nothing positive to run on except character assassination. For every new regulation enacted, he has removed 20 old job killing regulations. Government does not create jobs; its role should be to provide a level playing field for competition and protection from unfair business practices. Government should never become a competitor in the marketplace as was implemented through Obamacare.

This Covid19 virus has exposed a very real threat that has been ignored by leadership at every level for decades. That threat is China. The Communist Chinese regime has had an agenda of world domination since 1947. Their 100-year plan has been out in the open for decades and not until President Trump took office did any president challenge their agenda. China has been attacking our economy for years. Previous leaders either turned a blind eye or engaged in personal profiteering as done by the Clintons and Bidens. We must stop undermining our national security and economic base and that must be done by protecting our intellectual property. Communist and socialist influencers have infiltrated our educational systems, teaching that Socialism is actually a viable economic model even when it has failed wherever it has been instituted.

One of the hallmarks of our nation is the entrepreneurial and innovative culture that has produced new world markets that cause all ships to raise. We cannot afford to squander or compromise those talents and must use every means at our disposal to safeguard those assets.

Locally, we have new opportunities to create new job sectors in our region with the establishment of the new AirGlades Airport. This developing enterprise has the potential to draw in new technologies and enterprises that will bring good paying career jobs and infrastructure. As your Congressman, I will actively recruit and support funding for this economic engine.

2. Pro – Veterans

In the 60’s and 70’s veterans made up about 75% of those serving in Congress, that is 3 out of 4. They knew firsthand the price of our freedoms. Many had lost friends and family members while pushing back socialist and totalitarian dictatorships. That is not the case today. Only 20% are veterans serving in the Congress. That is 1 in 5. That is not enough experienced veterans to ensure that the primary purpose of our federal government, which is defense, is understood. We need Congressmen who have been on the front lines and who have experienced the operational consequences of political ignorance.

I have been on the tip of the spear. For 30 months I was deployed overseas aboard the USS Midway flying in all kinds of weather all around the far east. I experienced firsthand the aggressive tactics of Russia in a cold war and the austerity of parts and funding under Clinton. I have been in Washington DC on the policy and planning side and in the Research, Testing and Evaluation side in Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, California. I have the experience and temperament to be a strong voice for our military and veterans in the Congress.

As a legislator in Minnesota, the Governor and I transformed the state from one that paid lip service to veterans to one that actually cared for and supported those making the transition from the military to civilian life. We made Minnesota a veteran friendly state. I have done it at the state level and would love to carry that mission to the Federal Government. I also spent 3 years in Washington DC working plans and policy turning Congressional policy into Military operational plans. I am the only candidate running that has and will have a strong positive impact for our veterans.

3. Pro – Constitution

Our founders understood the importance of keeping the government accountable and small. That is the reason for the 10th amendment to the Constitution. Those powers not specifically granted to the Federal government are reserved for the States. One of the greatest threats to our Constitution is the far left’s “legal positivism”, the belief that the Constitution is a living document that can be interpreted through today’s new meaning of words. Point in fact is that the Framers were all very learned men who had studied and observed all kinds of governments. After months of deliberation and discourse, they formed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that have stood the test of time these 241 years. Those who would point to Europe as the “model of civil government” refuse to acknowledge the fact that all of these countries have had numerous constitutions since 1779. Most of them are still seeking major changes today to try to keep up with an ever-changing culture. As a result, their economy, culture and leadership are unstable and subject to wild swings of power and national vision.

At the heart of this issue is the Supreme Court and the concept of judicial review. If the Constitution is a living document as the left supposes, then laws that were valid yesterday may be interpreted differently tomorrow. To counter that the Framers also left us with the Federalist papers that documented their reasonings and discourse. They gave us a glimpse into their mindset. These are some of the tools we needed to ensure that the original intent that is laid out in the Constitution is properly applied for every generation going forward. In other words, the Constitution is an anchor that does not change with time but is the same for every generation. It is the plumb line that ensures justice is administered equally and consistently. Progressive judges undermine that stability. That is why Conservative Justices are fundamental to ensuring our future liberty. As your Congressman, I will actively advocate for strict constitutional conservative judges.

4. Pro – Life

Life begins at conception and abortion undermines those rights for those most vulnerable, the unborn. It may be a choice for the mother but the child has no voice and most certainly, no choice. It is for that reason the government should step in to ensure those rights are protected. Unfortunately, we have done just the opposite. We use the government to short circuit the rights of the unborn. Family is the nucleus of society. Protecting the family should be a fundamental concern and policy consideration. Defending the unborn is the very essence of that protection. Defunding planned parenthood and the abortion industry and enforcing the Hyde amendment should be a no brainer. No person should be mandated to pay taxes when those taxes are used to fund the murder of unborn children. The concept that Roe VS Wade is established law is like saying slavery was established law and the Dred Scott decision was well founded. That bad decision resulted in a civil war that resulted in unspeakable atrocities before, during and after the war and are still felt today. The same will be said of abortion. Those who would advocate for the murder of innocent babies are the same who justified slavery 140 years ago. They were wrong then and they are wrong today. We must overturn Roe VS Wade and let the states decide. As your Congressman, I will aggressively work to defund Planned Parenthood and push for an easier and more secure adoption framework.

5. Pro – 2nd Amendment

The Parkland Bill is unconstitutional. The banning of sales to 18-21-year-old adults is discriminatory. We have hunters who start hunting at 12 and soldiers who put their lives on the line becoming expert marksman at 19 years of age. So where is the logic in telling them they can’t buy a rifle of their own? Don’t punish the 99.99% to try to make it harder for the .01% who are mentally unstable, get them help. The majority of these shootings could have been averted if local agencies had paid attention to the warning signs and reports. The right of the citizen to own and bear arms shall not be infringed. That says whatever arms they choose to own; they have a constitutional right to do so. Banning assault weapons and operations like “Fast and Furious” at their core are set to undermine our second amendment rights. One of the greatest fears an American citizen should have is a government that views their right to defend themselves subordinate to the public good. That is the precursor to fascism, socialism and every other dictatorial form of government that opposes individual liberty and freedom. I firmly believe that local political entities should enact the Second Amendment Sanctuary provisions to counter the Gun Free Zones that have become the rage with the far left. Deterrence has always been a preferred tool to disarmament. There is no such thing as a gun free zone. As your congressman, I will aggressively defend your right to own and bear arms. I am NRA – A rated

6. Pro – Clean Water

We are making positive progress in the restoration of our water quality but must do more. The natural flow of water into the Everglades needs to be reestablished. The “river of grass” should be a priority. This natural filtration system for these waters is the lifeblood of our tourism industry and unless we aggressively address this problem the waters and the life in them will continue to suffer. Point source pollution from north of the Kissimmee River to Lake Okeechobee have thousands of old and failed septic tanks which are only one of the major factors in the pollution of our waters. Federal and state funding for clean-up of septic’s and transfer onto waste water systems is an essential investment in cleaning up our waters. In addition, partnering with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ensures proper oversight and water storage is enacted to prevent dangerous

cyanobacteria-laden algal blooms and red tide exacerbation. As your Congressman, I will work collaboratively to acquire funding and positive solutions to restoring the pristine waters that make our area a great place to live.

7. Pro – National security

As a world power, we are a beacon of freedom. Our role and calling as a nation is to reach out to people and groups who are struggling under despotic rule and offer hope. We have these God-given blessings to share and encourage struggling people groups and dysfunctional governments, not by mandate but by availability. We also have the responsibility of protecting our own republic from military, economic and cyber-attacks. President Trump is doing just that. China has been attacking our economy for years. Previous leaders either turned a blind eye or engaged in personal profiteering as done by the Clintons and the Biden’s. We must stop the undermining of our national security and economic base by protecting our intellectual property and the communist and socialist influence that has infiltrated our educational systems. The primary responsibility of the Federal Government is to protect its citizens from foreign enemies. A standing military force is employed to protect and defend. Ambassadors and treaties are ratified by the Senate to aid in this process.

We finally have a President that is looking after the interests of our Country. President Trump’s promotion of “America First” has reset the international stage and renewed a global commitment to preservation of Freedom and national pride.

Love of country is a cornerstone of a healthy society and every secure country has rule of law. Workable immigration policies are a national security issue. We must outlaw Sanctuary cities, prosecute illegal entries and deport illegal aliens. While we are a country of immigrants, those that have legally entered earned the freedom to pursue the American Dream without threat of deportation. Promoting national security starts with securing our borders and controlling the number and qualifications of those who enter. Building the wall on our southern border is essential to our national security. Undocumented or illegal aliens who enter our country undermine our sovereignty and pose a very real threat to our communities by draining much needed resources and promoting unfair labor competition. Ensuring that immigrants are best positioned to succeed and contribute to this country should be at the core of the immigration debate.

National Debt is also a national security issue. When our competitor holds our debt, we as the debtor lose the ability to negotiate from a strong position.

Space is also a national security issue. The US must be able to secure an offensive front in space or lose the ability to protect both land and sea assets globally. It is the next frontier and we must have the national will to dominate or we will become indefensible on a global scale. Of all the functions of our Federal government, defense and national security are on the forefront of responsibilities. Of all of the candidates in this CD-19 race, I am the only one with the background and experience to hit the ground running and contribute to our nation’s security. As your Congressman, I will be a strong advocate for defense, veteran issues and national security

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